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Bioresonance therapy and telemedicine / Nadim Alzaher ; Majd Zen Elabidine ; Walaa Karah Batak

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00028

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The aim of our research project is to highlight the Medical application of Physics although we as Pharmacologist remain often focused on the value of Pedications to resolve any disease however we noticed Some complicated medical problems such as antibiotic Resistance where we cannot find any responsive Chemical therapy therefore we referred to the history of Bio resonance therapy however we were also concerned To report the medical value by following some patients Whom were treated and to analyze the mechanism in Which this therapy is effective, and for which diseases And we also hope that this established device for Targeting Bacteria, viruses can hold a hope for patients Who are diagnosed with Corona, there is a proof of Principle for that hypothesis since the scientist Rife has Invented this therapy by interference destruction wave Which could destroy specifically this bacteria upon its Frequency wave without possible

Subject: Bioresonance Therapy, Telemedicine, Mobile Health, Telehealth, eHealth, mHealth, Health Occupations, Medical technology, Medical Informatics Applications