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The role of nanotechnology in protection / Amr Alhalabi ; Dalia Alsamman ; Rami Bakri ; Shaza Kalao

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: Ph00022

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Nanotechnology is a new science and the revolution of the twenty-first century. There is a serious promising applications for nanotechnology that we can use in many fields, Such as (cosmetics, textiles, healthcare, tissue engineering, catalysis, functional coatings, medical diagnosis and therapeutics, sensors , communication engineering and water and air pollution treatment). It plays an essential role in protection by using it in sterilization and giving distinct results , it was also used to eliminate bacteria and viruses by incorporating nanofilter with many material containing the ability to reduce reproduction of bacteria or eliminating it. We have several examples of these materials like ( Copper (II) oxide, silver , graphene ) . Because of these unique features , nanofiber has been used in many filters types like ( air nanofilter , water nanofilter , oil nano filter ....etc.) But the specific type that interests us uses nanofilter in face masks.

Subject: Nanotechnology, Natural Science Disciplines, Technology, Industry, Biomedicine, Virology