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Study of establishment of clinical research center in Syria / Lama Alsukhni ; Mhd Jad Almahayni ; Kamar Bakleh

Publication year: 2018

ISBN: Ph00020

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Drug products need to conform to the same standards of quality, efficacy and safety required of the originator's product. In addition, reasonable assurance must be provided that they are, as intended, clinically interchangeable with nominally equivalent market products. Most of the new pharmaceutical products that appear in the Syrian drug market are not of the original Source " BRAND ". Such medicines carry a different brand name than the original and named it" GENERIC ".We are talking about drugs in most cases where some active pharmaceutical ingredients are not protected by the invention, and its medical characteristics differ only slightly from the original drugs but the prices are cheaper. These drugs must have the same quality as the original medicines" BRAND" and contain all the characteristics of efficacy and safety.

Subject: Clinics, Buildings, Medical centers, Pharmaceutical study, Bioequivalence