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Therapy Related Leukemia / Mohey Al Din Ataya ; Lilas Al Araj ; Rana Al Asali ; Amira Habbab

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00015

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As the population of cancer survivors continues to grow, there is a great need to term health of this population. Nearly one in five cancers -understand the longdiagnosed today occurs in an individual with a previous diagnosis of cancer, and cancers” are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among these “second the etiology, prevention, and which reported esearchOur rcancer survivors. treatment of second cancers has the potential to improve public health, guide clinical management of survivors, and provide further insight into the mechanisms of carcinogenesis. Secondary cancer risk following radiotherapy and chemotherapy is an increasingly important topic in clinical oncology with impact on treatment decision making and on patient management. And one of the highest incidence was leukemia . Much of the evidence that underlies our understanding of secondary cancer risks and our risk estimates are derived from large epidemiologic studies that we will talk about it and predictive models of earlier decades with large uncertainties.

Subject: Leucocythaemia, Leucocythemia, Neoplasms, Histiocytic Disorders, Leukemia