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Liposomes as Drug Carriers / Anthony George Haddad ; Ayat Bassam Kanaan ; Mouhammed Mustafa Ali

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00008

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Patients have recently suffered from the side effects of a large number of drugs and from the weak pharmacological effect, due to the biokinetics and the difficulty of delivering the drug to the targeted cells, which negatively affected the therapeutic efficacy, creating an opportunity to discover nanometric carriers to load the active drug substances, so we covered in this research the most famous and widely used nanocarriers which are liposomes. We touched in some detail its composition, types, the relationship of structure to influence, methods of preparation, its delivery mechanism for the drug, and at the end of the research, we attached various applications in the field of therapeutic diagnostics and its role in cosmetics, cancers and many other fields.

Subject: Nanomedicine, Drug delivery system, Liposomes, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Drug Carriers