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Food - drug interactions / Sajeda Khalifa ; Mohammed Obada Alhindi ; Serwer Abdulaziz ; Boushra Altabara

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: Ph00006

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The effect of drug on a person may be different than expected because that drug interacts with another drug the person is taking (drug-drug interaction), food, beverages, dietary supplements the person is consuming (drug-nutrient/food interaction) or another disease the person has (drug-disease interaction). A drug interaction is a situation in which a substance affects the activity of a drug, i.e. the effects are increased or decreased, or they produce a new effect that neither produces on its own. These interactions may occur out of accidental misuse or due to lack of knowledge about the active ingredients involved in the relevant substances. Regarding food-drug interactions physicians and pharmacists recognize that some foods and drugs, when taken simultaneously, can alter the body's ability to utilize a particular food or drug, or cause serious side effects.

Subject: Food Interaction, Drug Interactions, Metabolism Disorders, Drug effects‎, Drug-Food Interactions, Pharmacological Phenomena