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Medical centers management system / Samer Saker ; Jehad Jalbout ; Sidra Al-Zarkan ; Adel Khattar ; Maher Al-Bunni

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: CCE00041

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The medical clinics management system (MCMS) is a system that manages a group of clinics distributed within different governorates and regions in Syria, as it manages data entry processes for each patient such as personal information, disease and accompanying symptoms in addition to doctors' information, and clinics through a web application. The system also performs mining algorithms on the current data for discovering new symptoms and diseases by analyzing patient, diseases and symptoms data available within the database, to subsequently notify the admins of the emergence of a new symptom or an increase in a disease in a given area. In addition to generating daily or weekly reports containing the number of visits and cases of recovery and other information.

Subject: Computer Sceince, Medical Clinic, Mining, Analysis, Medical Clinics Management System (MCMS), Data, Web Application, Algorithms, Mobile Application