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Deepfake detection / Mhd. Yazan AL-Hamali ; Moaz Abdul Halim ; Mohammad Al-Sheikh ; Rami Al Absa ; Mhd. Yassin Al-Hayek

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: CCE00040

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Recently, various techniques of manipulating the video content have become available to everyone – online, one can find free applications e.g., for face swapping in videos. Such universal accessibility carries a notable risk of flooding online content with false information, affecting not only the greats of this world, but also the whole societies, also the rapid progress in synthetic image generation and manipulation has now come to a point where it raises significant concerns for the implications towards society. It is therefore necessary to develop a verification tool that will help assess the authenticity of the videos posted on the internet. This project describes the approach of using artificial intelligence solutions to detect doctored videos.

Subject: Computer Sceince, Deepfake, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm, Real, Fake, Neural Network, Face manipulation