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Interactive drink machine company : (IDM company) / Mamdouh Kabbani ; Monzer Kidda ; Sayyah Yassen ; Sedra Jawish

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: CCE00037

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This project is a continuation of our previous project for a hot drink machine by adding the capability for electronic payment and developing the company's management system and making the hot drink machine linkable with the company's server via the Internet and more interactive with the customer through the development of this project according to several aspects. On the software level: An integrated system that allows recording customer requests and executed operations, in addition to information about users, including their personal information, current balance, and executed requests. On the level of employees, their personal information, their work tasks and the operations carried out by them (Receipt and delivery of materials and servicing of machines).

Subject: Computer Sceince, Hot drink machine, Automation, IOT, Load cell, Ultrasonic, W1209, Lithium ion, Arduino, Ardunio mega, Esp32, Graphical Lcd, Lcd, Stepper motor, I2c, Flutter, Dart, Proteus