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Designing & Implementing an IDS in SDN / Waseem Al-Kurdi ; Yaman Dukmak ; Taiseer Al-zaim

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: CCE00035

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Solving the problem of the various type of unknown attacks that are hitting not only companies but also high level business individuals, of course we know that there is no way to stop the attacks permanently but this project is attempting to reduce these attacks to the possible minimum where it can detect the attack and declare its type so that the hostile can at least know what is the type of attacks on him and what to do in response and build a higher security. This system is implemented using the SDN environment and IDS technology for monitoring the traffic on the network and for detecting the attack and its type. Also the SDN technology has a built-in OpenFlow protocol. To work in an OF environment, any device that wants to communicate to an SDN controller must support the OpenFlow protocol.

Subject: Computer Sceince, SDN, IDS, Openflow protocol, Security, Attack, Traffic, Control, Cloud Computing