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Fadfada / Mahmoud Yahya ; Wael Al-Haddad ; Abdulrahman Bayouni ; Alan Hussein

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: CCE00033

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Sharing personal problems and true feeling on social media has a lot of fears and is not likable nowadays, because of bullying, shaming, and making fun of the user by other users, Fadfada is a multi-platform social networking service, that aims to give the users the ability to share their problems or feeling via written newsfeed (posts) or videos (stories) that had an impact on their psychological health without revealing their true identity, by putting a mask on their faces and changing their voices after recording the story. In addition to extracting features from posts and stories to match users based on it.

Subject: Computer Sceince, Social media, Sentiment analysis, Face recognition, Emotions social network, Psychology, Suicide, Depression