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Mouse controller using electroencephalography (EEG) device / Ahmad Al-Shayeb ; Alaa Al-Halabi ; Hamzah Al-Baridy ; George Arbash ; Abdulsattar Al-Kassem

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: CCE00029

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The growing technologies related to neuroscience has to lead many innovative applications, most importantly Electroencephalography, or EEG for short. This field of study has become recently a trend that many companies around the world have started to enter the race of conquering the brain and controlling everything from a mouse controller to the whole human body. This project aims to help disabled people use a computer with ease and simplicity without needing to use their hands, or anything really, which they can achieve by wearing a headset or get someone to put it on them. The headset is designed to read brain activities and send it to a computer program to understand where the user wants to move the mouse cursor on the computer screen using an Artificial Intelligence model. This project helps further researches in this field which pushes the technology even further from where it is now. The device designed for this project can be repurposed pretty easily to serve many different applications other than controlling a mouse.

Subject: Computer Sceince, EEG, OpenBCI, Brain waves, Circuit, Microcontroller, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Control