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Android smart health monitoring system / Jalal Sneter ; Mohammad Albourum ; Mohammad Jokhadar ; Micheal Awad

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: CCE00027

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Recent years have witnessed an increasing interest in the application of machine learning to clinical informatics and healthcare system never forgetting that the data also states that half of the world's population uses mobile devices. Despite of the existence of tons of applications, algorithms, and systems, the achievement of prescribing proper food that is suitable for patient health case based on face health status, height, weight, daily calories etc.., wasn’t achieved yet because of the lack of knowledge in food therapy process. Our system provides the service of food suggestion based on the input that is inserted by the user in sign-up form which are (height, weight, age, etc….).

Subject: Computer Sceince, My health, walk steps, Calories today, BMI, Healthcare, Algorithms