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The exploitation of natural resources and the consequences: The proceedings of GREEN 3: the 3rd International Symposium on Geotechnics Related to the European Environment held in Berlin, Germany, June 2000

Publication year: 2001

ISBN: 978-0-7277-3922-3

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As the pressure to conserve agricultural land and green-field sites has grown it has become increasingly important to reclaim land that has been damaged by past industrial usage, e.g. areas of mining subsidence, tailings dams and lagoons. Furthermore the need to conserve primary aggregates is providing an impetus for re-use of waste materials in engineered construction. This book is the proceedings of the GREEN3, the third in a four-yearly series of international symposia that discuss aspects of geotechnical engineering intimately related to the environment.

Subject: Civil engineering, Environmental engineering, Green technology, Materials, Geotechnical engineering, Natural resources, Environmental aspects, Soil mechanics