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New Developments in Nanosensors for Pharmaceutical Analysis / Sibel Ozkan, Afzal Shah

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 9780128161449

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Presents an overview of developments in nanosensor usage in pharmaceutical analysis, thereby helping pharmaceutical companies attain reliable, precise, and accurate analysis of pharmaceuticals. This book presents very simple, precise, sensitive, selective, fast, and relatively inexpensive methods for pre-treatment, prior to analysis. These methods may be considered for further application in clinical studies and assays. The book includes the manufacturing of sensors for pharmaceutical analysis at nano- or smaller scales, and gives simple and relatable designs for the fabrication of sensors.

Subject: Nanosensors, Immobilization of nanomaterials, Pharmaceutical detection, Pharmaceutical analysis, Electrochemical analysis of drugs, Drug analysis, Drug delivery systems, Nanosensors in biomarker