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Drug Delivery Aspects: Expectations and Realities of Multifunctional Drug Delivery Systems: Volume 4: Expectations and Realities of Multifunctional Drug Delivery Systems / Ranjita Shegokar

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 9780128212226

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Reviews additional features of drug delivery systems, along with the standard formulation development, like preclinical testing, conversion into solid dosage forms, roles of excipients and polymers used on stability and sterile processing. There is a focus on formulation engineering and related large scale (GMP) manufacturing, regulatory, and functional aspects of drug delivery systems. A detailed discussion on biologics and vaccines gives insights to readers on new developments in this direction.

Subject: Drug delivery systems, Manufacturing of nanoparticles, Drug formulation, Pharmaceutical dosage forms, Antiinflammatory drugs, Transformation of stilbenoid vesicular and lipid-based nanocarriers