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Pharmaceutical Calculations : A Conceptual Approach / Michalakis Savva

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-20335-1

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Combines conceptual and procedural understanding for students and will guide you to master prerequisite skills to carry out accurate compounding and dosage regimen calculations. It is a book that makes the connection between basic sciences and pharmacy. It describes the most important concepts in pharmaceutical sciences thoroughly, accurately and consistently through various commentaries and activities to make you a scientific thinker, and to help you succeed in college and licensure exams. Calculation of the error associated with a dose measurement can only be carried out after understanding the concept of accuracy versus precision in a measurement. Similarly, full appreciation of drug absorption and distribution to tissues can only come about after understanding the process of transmembrane passive diffusion.

Subject: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy, Dosage calculations, Drug diffusion, Prefabricated dosage forms, Pharmacokinetics, Drug dose error assessment, Density and specific gravity