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Polymorphism in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Solid Form and Drug Development / Rolf Hilfiker, Markus von Raumer

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 3527340408

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Highlights the relevance of polymorphism in modern pharmaceutical chemistry, with a focus on quality by design (QbD) concepts. It covers all important issues by way of case studies, ranging from properties and crystallization, via thermodynamics, analytics and theoretical modelling right up to patent issues. The book underscores the importance of solid-state chemistry within chemical and pharmaceutical development. It emphasizes why solid-state issues are important, the approaches needed to avoid problems and the opportunities offered by solid-state properties. The authors include true polymorphs as well as solvates and hydrates, while providing information on physicochemical properties, crystallization thermodynamics, quantum-mechanical modelling, and up-scaling. Important analytical tools to characterize solid-state forms and to quantify mixtures are summarized, and case studies on solid-state development processes in industry are also provided.

Subject: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Solid state chemistry, Chemical engineering