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Analytical Scientists in Pharmaceutical Product Development: Task Management and Practical Knowledge / Kangping Xiao

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 1119547822

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Explains task management concepts and outlines practical knowledge to help pharmaceutical analytical scientists become productive and enhance their career. •Presents broad topics such as product development process, regulatory requirement, task and project management, innovation mindset, molecular recognition, separation science, degradation chemistry, and statistics. •Provokes thinking through figures, tables, and case studies to help understand how the various functions integrate and how analytical development can work efficiently and effectively by applying science and creativity in their work. •Discusses how to efficiently develop a fit-for-purpose HPLC method without screening dozens of columns, gradients, or mobile phase combinations each time, since the extra effort may not provide enough of a benefit to justify the cost and time in a fast-paced product development environment.

Subject: Analytical Chemistry, Drug development, Pharmaceutical Development, Degradation Chemistry, Chromatography Practices,