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Happiness—Concept, Measurement and Promotion

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-981-33-4972-8

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This book defines happiness intuitively and explores several common conceptual mistakes with regard to happiness. It then moves on to address topical issues including, but not limited to, whether money can buy you happiness, why happiness is ultimately the only thing of intrinsic value, and the various factors important for happiness. It also presents a more reliable and interpersonally comparable method for measuring happiness and discusses twelve factors, from A to L, that are crucial for individual happiness: attitude, balance, confidence, dignity, engagement, family/friends, gratitude, health, ideals, joyfulness, kindness and love.

Subject: Social Sciences, Well-Being, Quality of Life Research, Moral Philosophy and Applied Ethics, Promote Happiness, Subjective Wellbeing, Welfare, Life Satisfaction, Purpose of Life, Public Policy