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The Legibility of Serif and Sans Serif Typefaces : Reading from Paper and Reading from Screens

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-90984-0

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This book provides a detailed and up-to-date account of the relevant literature on the legibility of different kinds of typefaces, which goes back over 140 years in the case of reading from paper and more than 50 years in the case of reading from screens. It describes the origins of serif and sans serif styles in ancient inscriptions, their adoption in modern printing techniques, and their legibility in different situations and in different populations of readers. It also examines recent research on the legibility of serif and sans serif typefaces when used with internet browsers, smartphones and other hand-held devices. The book investigates the difference in the legibility of serif typefaces and sans serif typefaces when they are used to produce printed material or when they are used to present material on computer monitors or other screens and it explores the differences in readers’ preferences among typefaces.

Subject: Education, Literacy, Applied Linguistics, Technology and Design education, Legibility of text, Reading from paper, Reading from screens, Sans serif typefaces, Serif typefaces, Typography and typographic design