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Evidence-Based School Development in Changing Demographic Contexts

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-76837-9

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This book features a school development model (Arizona Initiative for Leadership Development and Research – AZiLDR) that offers a roadmap for schools to navigate the complexities of continuous school development. Filled with processes that balance evidence-based values with democratic, culturally responsive values, this book offers strategies to mediate the tensions and to address school culture, context and values, leadership capacity, using data as a source of reflection, curricular and pedagogical activity, and strengths-based approaches to meeting the needs of culturally diverse students.

Subject: Education, Organization and Leadership, Educational Policy and Politics, International and Comparative Education, Curriculum Studies, Leadership development, Leadership teams, Leadership capacity, School improvement, Leadership coaching, Culturally responsive schooling, Evidence-based policy, Multi-level leadership, International school development