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Microplastic in the Environment: Pattern and Process

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-78627-4

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This book examines global plastic pollution, an issue that has become a critical societal challenge with implications for environmental and public health. This volume provides a comprehensive, holistic analysis on the plastic cycle and its subsequent effects on biota, food security, and human exposure. Importantly, global environmental change and its associated, systems-level processes, including atmospheric deposition, ecosystem complexity, UV exposure, wind patterns, water stratification, ocean circulation, etc., are all important direct and indirect factors governing the fate, transport and biotic and abiotic processing of plastic particles across ecosystem types.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Health, Biomonitoring of plastic particles, Exotoxicology of plastic pollution, Plastic debris, Microplastics, Nanoplastics, Wastewater management