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Crisis Response in Higher Education : How the Pandemic Challenged University Operations and Organisation

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-97837-2

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This book explores the impact of Covid-19 on universities, and how students, staff, faculty and academic leaders have adapted to and dealt with the impact of the pandemic. Drawing on experiences from Britain, Australia and Sweden, it showcases how Covid has challenged routines and procedures in universities, and thrown them into a disarray of ever-changing events and short-term adaptations. The authors pay particular attention to how students, staff, faculty, and leaders have coped with Covid, through a series of autobiographical portraits of their strains but also heroic efforts in the harshest of circumstances.

Subject: Business and Management, Non-Profit Organizations and Public Enterprises, Organization, Emerging Markets, Globalization, Corporate Social Responsibility, Higher Education, Neoliberalism, Universities as a businesscsr, Engagement, Participation, Service