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Metalearning : Applications to Automated Machine Learning and Data Mining

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-67024-5

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This book as one of the fastest-growing areas of research in machine learning, metalearning studies principled methods to obtain efficient models and solutions by adapting machine learning and data mining processes. This adaptation usually exploits information from past experience on other tasks and the adaptive processes can involve machine learning approaches. As a related area to metalearning and a hot topic currently, automated machine learning (AutoML) is concerned with automating the machine learning processes. Metalearning and AutoML can help AI learn to control the application of different learning methods and acquire new solutions faster without unnecessary interventions from the user.

Subject: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Machine Learning, Metalearning, Automating Machine Learning, Algorithm selection, Algorithm recommendation, Algorithm configuration, Hyperparameter optimization, Automating the workflow, pipeline design, Metalearning in ensemble construction, Metalearning in deep neural networks, Transfer learning, Automating data science