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The Autofictional : Approaches, Affordances, Forms

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-78440-9

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This book offers innovative and wide-ranging responses to the continuously flourishing literary phenomenon of autofiction. The book shows the insights that are gained in the shift from the genre descriptor to the adjective, and from a broad application of “the autofictional” as a theoretical lens and aesthetic strategy. In three sections on “Approaches,” “Affordances,” and “Forms,” the volume proposes new theoretical approaches for the study of autofiction and the autofictional, offers fresh perspectives on many of the prominent authors in the discussion, draws them into a dialogue with autofictional practice from across the globe, and brings into view texts, forms, and media that have not traditionally been considered for their autofictional dimensions.

Subject: Literature, Cultural and Media Studies, Comparative Literature, Literary Theory, Literature, general, Memory Studies, Autofiction, Autobiography, Life writing, World literature, Narrative theory, Biography, Memoir, Identity studies, Postcolonialism, Travel writing