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Anthropologies of Global Maternal and Reproductive Health : From Policy Spaces to Sites of Practice

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-84514-8

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This open access edited book brings together new research on the mechanisms by which maternal and reproductive health policies are formed and implemented in diverse locales around the world, from global policy spaces to sites of practice. The authors – both internationally respected anthropologists and new voices – demonstrate the value of ethnography and the utility of reproduction as a lens through which to generate rich insights into professionals’ and lay people’s intimate encounters with policy.

Subject: Medicine, Medical Anthropology, Maternal and Child Health, Health Policy, Reproductive Medicine, anthropology of maternal death, anthropology of pregnancy, anthropology of reproduction, ethnography maternal health, ethnograpny reproductive health, ethnography global health, global health policy, maternal health policy, maternal morbidity and mortality, global reproductive health policy, skilled birth, women's health, global maternal health, global health care interventions