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Cybersecurity of Digital Service Chains : Challenges, Methodologies, and Tools

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-031-04036-8

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This book presents the main scientific results from the H2020 GUARD project. The GUARD project aims at filling the current technological gap between software management paradigms and cybersecurity models, the latter still lacking orchestration and agility to effectively address the dynamicity of the former. This book provides a comprehensive review of the main concepts, architectures, algorithms, and non-technical aspects developed during three years of investigation; the description of the Smart Mobility use case developed at the end of the project gives a practical example of how the GUARD platform and related technologies can be deployed in practical scenarios.

Subject: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, Legal Aspects of Computing, Security, Information Systems Applications, cloud computing, computer crime, computer networks, computer security, cryptography, cyber security, data communication systems, data flow architectures, data management systems, data security, electromagnetic interference and compatibility, general programming languages, health informatics, intrusion detection, network protocols, network security, network simulations, sensors and actuators, signal processing, telecommunication traffic