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Swiss Energy Governance : Political, Economic and Legal Challenges and Opportunities in the Energy Transition

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-80787-0

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This book gathers the results of an interdisciplinary research project led by the Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCER CREST) and jointly implemented by several universities. It identifies political, economic and legal challenges and opportunities in the energy transition from a governance perspective by exploring a variety of tools that allow state, non-state and transnational actors to manage the transition of the energy industry toward less fossil-fuel reliance. When analyzing the roles of these actors, the authors examine not only formal procedures such as political and democratic processes, but also market behavior and societal practices.

Subject: Law and Criminology, International Environmental Law, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, European Law, Development Studies, Energy Policy, Energy Efficiency, Governance Energy Transition, Policy Instruments, Social Acceptance, Policy Evaluation, Energy Storage, Sustainable ENergy Systems, Renewable Energy, Consumer Behavior