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Perspectives on Digital Humanism

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-86144-5

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This book aims to set an agenda for research and action in the field of Digital Humanism through short essays written by selected thinkers from a variety of disciplines, including computer science, philosophy, education, law, economics, history, anthropology, political science, and sociology. This initiative emerged from the Vienna Manifesto on Digital Humanism and the associated lecture series. Digital Humanism deals with the complex relationships between people and machines in digital times. It acknowledges the potential of information technology. At the same time, it points to societal threats such as privacy violations and ethical concerns around artificial intelligence, automation and loss of jobs, ongoing monopolization on the Web, and sovereignty.

Subject: Computer Science, Computers and Society, Ethics, Business and Management, Legal Aspects of Computing, Privacy, Philosophy of Science, Digital Humanism, Research Ethics, Legal Issues in Computer Scince, Data Privacy