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Equity Policies in Global Higher Education : Reducing Inequality and Increasing Participation and Attainment

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-69691-7

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This book discusses and analyses global policies and practices aimed at promoting equity in higher education participation and attainment. Although the massification of higher education systems has facilitated the participation of students from deprived backgrounds, socioeconomic inequalities persist in access to the most prestigious institutions and programmes. Privileged students benefit from a number of advantages in the competition for selective and scarce places: access to information, lower aversion to debt, higher expectations, better previous schooling and higher academic achievement.

Subject: Education, Higher Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Social Justice, Equality and Human Rights, Sociology of Education, equity in higher education, access to higher education, participation in higher education, attainment and retention, higher education policy