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Digital Towns : Accelerating and Measuring the Digital Transformation of Rural Societies and Economies

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-030-91247-5

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This book explores the digital transformation of small and rural towns, in particular, how to measure the evolution and development of digital towns. In addition to access to resources, competition from urban and global markets, and population trends, rural communities present lesser access and use of digital technologies and have lower digital competencies and skills than their urban counterparts. Consequently, they experience less beneficial outcomes from increased digitalisation than urban areas. This book defines what a digital town is and explores digitalisation from the perspective of the four basic economic sectors in towns - individuals and households, businesses, the public sector, and civil society - and three types of enabling infrastructure - digital connectivity, education, and governance.

Subject: Business and Management, Business and Management, general, IT in Business, digital policy, public policy, urban rural divide, broadband, connectivity, Digital Citizen, technology management