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New Developments in Nanosensors for Pharmaceutical Analysis

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 9780128163788

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The book includes the manufacturing of sensors for pharmaceutical analysis at nano- or smaller scales, and gives simple and relatable designs for the fabrication of sensors. Twelve chapters cover an introduction to the topic, immobilization techniques, mechanism effect of nanomaterials on structure, optical nanosensors for pharmaceutical detection, chemical nanosensors in pharmaceutical analysis, noble metal nanoparticles in electrochemical analysis of drugs, photo-electrochemical nanosensors for drug analysis, molecularly imprinted polymer based nanosensors for pharmaceutical analysis, nanomaterials for drug delivery systems, nanomaterials enriched nucleic acid-based biosensors, nanosensors in biomarker detection, and nanomaterials-based enzyme biosensors for electrochemical applications.

Subject: Medicine, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Nanotechnology, Methods, Biosensing Techniques, Drugs, Analysis, Methodology, Nanoscience