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Vergleichsweise menschlich? : Ambulante Sanktionen als Alternative zur Freiheitsentziehung aus europäischer Perspektive = Comparatively human? : Outpatient sanctions as an alternative to imprisonment from a European perspective

Publication year: 2015

ISBN: 978-3-658-08965-8

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Ambulatory sanctions are often seen as a humane alternative to deprivation of liberty. The nature of intervention, the perspective of those affected and the expansion of the network of social control are overlooked. The transfer of sanction practices between legal cultures requires minimum human rights standards. In addition, there are no control group studies and, in particular, no comparison with non-intervention. Instead of naively transferring a (supposed) "best practice" it is recommended to shift the focus from "nothing works" to an examination of the possibility that "nothing works".

Subject: Humanities, Social Science, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Social Work, Methodology of the Social Sciences, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law, Betroffenensicht, Bewährungshilfe, Europäischer Rechtsvergleich, Führungsaufsicht, Net-Widening, Resozialisierung, Vergleichende Sanktionsforschung, europäische Minimalstandards, gegenseitige Anerkennung von Bewährungsstrafen, Perspective of those affected, probation assistance, European comparative law, supervision of conduct, net-widening, rehabilitation, comparative sanctions research, European minimum standards, mutual recognition of suspended sentences