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Messung von Ressourceneffizienz mit der ESSENZ-Methode : Integrierte Methode zur ganzheitlichen Bewertung = Measuring resource efficiency with the ESSENCE method: Integrated method for holistic evaluation

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-662-49264-2

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The aim of this book is to develop a reliable method for evaluating the use of resources. This is necessary because the strong economic growth of the last decades has led to an intensive use of natural resources. With their increasing use, there are also additional burdens on the environment and restrictions on the availability of resources. For these reasons, efficient use of resources is required as an important contribution to sustainable development.

Subject: Life Science and Basic Disciplines, Natural Resources, Urban Ecology, Sustainability Management, Sustainable Development, Nachhaltigkeit, ESSENZ-Methode, Ressourceneffizienz, Ökobilanz-Methodik, Bewertung von Ressourceneffizienz, Ökobilanzierung, natural resources and energy economics, sustainability, Sustainability, ESSENZ method, resource efficiency, life cycle assessment methodology, assessment of resource efficiency, life cycle assessment