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Promoting Social Dialogue in European Organizations : Human Resources Management and Constructive Conflict Management

Publication year: 2015

ISBN: 978-3-319-08605-7

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This volume focuses on describing the social dialogue system in organizations from an Human Resources Management perspective. Based on the NEIRE model for industrial relations, key factors are determined contributing to creative social dialogue in European organizations. Actual data from surveys and interviews from more than 700 CEO and HR managers in eleven European countries give insights in the experiences with and expectations of employers of social dialogue. The volume offers a comprehensive introduction to the historical context and current situation in social dialogue in these countries. This context helps to understand the current major challenges in each country when it comes to a vital social dialogue.

Subject: Behavioral Science, Behavioral Science and Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Social Policy, Political Science, Conflict Management in Organizations, Dialogue in Organizations, Employee Representatives, Employment Relations in Europe, Human Resources Management (HRM) Perspective, Industrial Relations, NEIRE Model, Social Dialogue, Social Dialogue System, Trade Unions, Trust in Organizations