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Social Innovations in the Urban Context

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-21551-8

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This book addresses the practice of social innovation, which is currently very much in the public eye. New ideas and approaches are needed to tackle the severe and wicked problems with which contemporary societies are struggling. Especially in times of economic crisis, social innovation is regarded as one of the crucial elements needed to move forward. Our knowledge of its dynamics has significantly progressed, thanks to an abundance of studies on social innovation both general and sector-specific. However, despite the valuable research conducted over the past years, the systematic analysis of social innovation is still contested and incomplete.

Subject: Social Sciences, Sociology, general, Social Policy, Political Theory, Challenges of migrants integration guildelines, Civic engagement and social entrepreneurship, Governance of innovation, growth, economic & social challenges, Interaction of economic and social policies, Practice of social innovation, Social innovations in urban regimes and local governance