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The Philosophy of Mathematics Education

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-40569-8

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This survey provides a brief and selective overview of research in the philosophy of mathematics education. It asks what makes up the philosophy of mathematics education, what it means, what questions it asks and answers, and what is its overall importance and use? It provides overviews of critical mathematics education, and the most relevant modern movements in the philosophy of mathematics. A case study is provided of an emerging research tradition in one country. This is the Hermeneutic strand of research in the philosophy of mathematics education in Brazil. This illustrates one orientation towards research inquiry in the philosophy of mathematics education. It is part of a broader practice of ‘philosophical archaeology’: the uncovering of hidden assumptions and buried ideologies within the concepts and methods of research and practice in mathematics education. An extensive bibliography is also included.

Subject: Education, Mathematics Education, Philosophy of Education, Educational Philosophy, Critical Mathematics Education, Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophical Archaeology, Nature of Mathematics Teaching, Nature of Mathematics Learning