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Research On and Activities For Mathematically Gifted Students

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-39450-3

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It first discusses research concerning the nature of mathematical giftedness, including theoretical frameworks and methodologies that are helpful in identifying and/or creating mathematically gifted students, which is described in this section. It also focuses on research on and the development of mathematical talent and innovation in students, including connections between cognitive, social and affective aspects of mathematically gifted students. Exemplary teaching and learning practices, curricula and a variety of programs that contribute to the development of mathematical talent, gifts, and passion are described as well as the pedagogy and mathematics content suitable for educating pre-service and in-service teachers of mathematically gifted students.

Subject: Education, Mathematics Education, Educational Psychology, Teaching and Teacher Education, Learning & Instruction, Giftedness, Mathematics Education, Mathematically Promising Students, Talented Students, Expertise, Mathematical Creativity, Teacher Education, Mathematical Talent, Mathematical Challenge, Open access, learning and instruction