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Gesundheitsversorgung am Lebensende : Soziale Ungleichheit in Bezug auf Institutionsaufenthalte und Sterbeorte = Health care at the end of life: social inequality in relation to institutional stays and places of death

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-658-13347-4

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Damian Hedinger examines the question of health care at the end of life, which is becoming more and more important due to demographic aging and increasing life expectancy. He proceeds from both a scientific and a socio-political perspective and uses administrative data from Switzerland to find out why one spends a longer or shorter period in a home or hospital and why one dies where. It turns out that in addition to medical factors, socio-economic, familial and cultural determinants also have a significant influence on health care before death.

Subject: Social Science and Law, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Sociology of Family, Youth and Aging, Sozialepidemiologie, Gesundheitssystemforschung, Gesundheitssoziologie, Medizinsoziologie, Demografische Alterung, Pflegebedürftigkeit, Social epidemiology, health system research, health sociology, medical sociology, demographic aging, need for care