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Twitter als Basis wissenschaftlicher Studien : Eine Bewertung gängiger Erhebungs- und Analysemethoden der Twitter-Forschung = Twitter as a basis for scientific studies: an evaluation of common survey and analysis methods in Twitter research

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-658-14414-2

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Fabian Pfaffenberger evaluates the scientific usefulness of Twitter by considering several common survey and analysis methods. Twitter has become a popular source for studies, although the short message service is only suitable for research to a limited extent: Limited representativeness, limited data availability and low data quality reduce the scientific benefit. Nevertheless, Twitter is increasingly becoming the focus of science due to its social and media relevance and the mass of freely available data.

Subject: Social Science and Law, Communication Studies, Social Media, Media and Communication, Data Mining, Text Mining, Kommunikation, Internet, Web 2.0, Communication