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Impact of Information Society Research in the Global South

Publication year: 2015

ISBN: 978-981-287-381-1

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This book addresses two aspects— Impact of research: How is the research on ICTs in the Global South playing a role in creating an information society? (e.g. policy formulation, media coverage, implementation in practice) and Research on impact: What is the evidence for the impact of ICTs on society? (i.e. the objectives of socio-economic development). This volume brings together a multiplicity of voices and approaches from social scientific research to produce an engaging volume for a variety of stakeholders including academics, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and those in the business and civil sectors of society.

Subject: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, Social Sciences, Communication Studies, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), R & D, Technology Policy, Cybersex in the global south, Developing educational applications in the global south, ICT and opinion expression in the global south, ICT and poverty reduction in the global south, ICT in the global south, Information and communications technology and food security, Information society in the global south, Mobile banking in the global south, Online portals for legislation in the global south, Online portals in the global south, Openness impact research in the global south