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Advances in Proof-Theoretic Semantics

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-22686-6

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This volume is the first ever collection devoted to the field of proof-theoretic semantics. Contributions address topics including the systematics of introduction and elimination rules and proofs of normalization, the categorial characterization of deductions, the relation between Heyting's and Gentzen's approaches to meaning, knowability paradoxes, proof-theoretic foundations of set theory, Dummett's justification of logical laws, Kreisel's theory of constructions, paradoxical reasoning, and the defence of model theory.

Subject: Mathematics and Statistics, Logic, Mathematical Logic and Foundations, Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages, Gentzen’s approach to meaning, Heyting’s approach to meaning, foundations of logic, general proof theory, logical constants, proof-theory, theory of constructions