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Global Perspectives on Recognising Non-formal and Informal Learning : Why Recognition Matters

Publication year: 2015

ISBN: 978-3-319-15278-3

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This book deals with the relevance of recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning in education and training, the workplace and society. In an increasing number of countries, it is at the top of the policy and research agenda ranking among the possible ways to redress the glaring lack of relevant academic and vocational qualifications and to promote the development of competences and certification procedures which recognise different types of learning, including formal, non-formal and informal learning. The aim of the book is therefore to present and share experience, expertise and lessons in such a way that enables its effective and immediate use across the full spectrum of country contexts, whether in the developing or developed world. It examines the importance of meeting institutional and political requirements that give genuine value to the recognition of non-formal and informal learning; it shows why recognition is important and clarifies its usefulness and the role it serves in education, working life and voluntary work; it emphasises the importance of the coordination, interests, motivations, trust and acceptance by all stakeholders.

Subject: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, Education, Professional & Vocational Education, Lifelong Learning, Educational Policy and Politics, Assessment, Testing and Evaluation, Accreditation of informal learning, Adult education, Continuing education, National qualifications frameworks, Recognition of informal learning, Recognition, validation and accreditation, Skills development, Technical education, Validation of informal learning, Vocational education, Work-based learning, Work-related learnin