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Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley : Final Report of the Regional NGO Master Plan

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-30036-8

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This book summarizes the NGO Master Plan that provides a comprehensive program to rehabilitate the Lower Jordan River and its tributaries in Jordan, Israel and Palestine. It is a regional and civil society effort designed to promote the restoration of the valley’s environmental and ecological values within a realistic financial and economic framework. The plan identifies 127 specific regional and national "interventions"(projects) until the year 2050, based on seven strategic planning objectives: pollution control, sustainable water management and river rehabilitation, sustainable agriculture, Jordan River basin governance, ecological rehabilitation, sustainable tourism and cultural heritage development, and urban and infrastructure development.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Development Economics, Water Policy, Water Governance, Water Management, Sustainable Development, Nature Conservation, Cultural Heritage, Tourism Management, Sustainable Economic Development, Water Conservation and Management, Jordan Valley, Sustainable Agriculture, Urban and Infrastructure Development