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Managing Protected Areas in Central and Eastern Europe Under Climate Change

Publication year: 2014

ISBN: 978-94-007-7960-0

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This book addresses the need for sharing knowledge and experience in the field of biodiversity conservation and climate change. There is an urgent need to build capacity in protected areas to monitor, assess, manage and report the effects of climate change and their interaction with other pressures. The contributors identify barriers to the adaptation of conservation management, such as the mismatch between planning reality and the decision context at site level. Short and vivid descriptions of case studies, drawn from investigation areas all over Central and Eastern Europe, illustrate both the local impacts of climate change and their consequences for future management.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Climate Change, Nature Conservation, Fish & Wildlife Biology & Management, Landscape, Regional and Urban Planning, Applied Ecology, biodiversity, climate adaptation, conservation biology, conservation management, landscape, regional and urban planning