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Nuclear Back-end and Transmutation Technology for Waste Disposal : Beyond the Fukushima Accident

Publication year: 2015

ISBN: 978-4-431-55111-9

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This book covers essential aspects of transmutation technologies, highlighting especially the advances in Japan. The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) has caused us to focus attention on a large amount of spent nuclear fuels stored in NPPs. In addition, public anxiety regarding the treatment and disposal of high-level radioactive wastes that require long-term control is growing. The Japanese policy on the back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle is still unpredictable in the aftermath of the accident. Therefore, research and development for enhancing the safety of various processes involved in nuclear energy production are being actively pursued worldwide.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Effects of Radiation, Radiation Protection, Nuclear Energy, Particle and Nuclear Physics, Waste Management, Waste Technology, Industrial Pollution Prevention, Accelerator-driven systems (ADS), Environmental radiation, Nuclear fuel cycle, Nuclear reactor, Nuclear transmutation, Radioactive wastes, industrial pollution prevention