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Report on Global Environmental Competitiveness (2013)

Publication year: 2014

ISBN: 978-3-642-54678-5

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This book explores the environmental competitiveness of 133 countries around the world, presenting an index evaluation system to facilitate a comparative analysis of environmental competitiveness on a global scale. This is a new way to measure competitiveness in the light of the contradiction between world economic development and environmental protection. Global environmental competitiveness covers five aspects: the ecological environment, resources environment, environmental management, environmental impacts and environmental coordination. The authors use longitudinal study and horizontal analysis, combining qualitative and quantitative analysis methods so as to conduct an in-depth study of theoretical, empirical and methodological issues of global environmental competitiveness.

Subject: Business and Economics, Economics and Finance, Economy Transformation, Environmental Carrying, Environmental Competitiveness, Environmental Coordination, Environmental Management, Green Development, climate change impacts