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Sustainable Living with Environmental Risks

Publication year: 2014

ISBN: 978-4-431-54804-1

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Modern economic development has accelerated environmental pollution, caused loss of natural habitats, and modified landscapes. These environmental changes have impacted natural systems: water and heat circulation, nutrient cycling, and biodiversity. These changes in natural systems degrade ecosystem services and subsequently increase environmental risks for humans. Environmental risks, therefore, are not only human health risks by pollution, climatic anomalies, and natural disasters, but also degradation of ecosystem services on which most people are relying for their lives. We cannot entirely eliminate the risks, because it is not possible to attain zero impact on the environment, but we need to find a mechanism that minimizes environmental risks for human sustainably. This is the idea of the interdisciplinary framework of “environmental risk management” theory, which advocates harmony between economic development and environmental conservation.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Earth System Sciences, Environmental Management, Sustainable Development, Biodiversity and Environment, Environmental Risk Management, Interdisciplinary Science, Leadership Education, Sustainable Living with Environmental Risks (SLER), Sustainable Society