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The Dynamics of Opportunity in America : Evidence and Perspectives

Publication year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-25991-8

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The goal of Educational Testing Service’s Opportunity in America initiative is to explore these powerful dynamics and to describe and convey them in a way that advances the national conversation about why we must take action – and how best to do so. This volume contains 14 chapters, including an epilogue, written by leaders from a range of fields including education, economics, demography, and political science. Collectively, they not only illuminate key aspects of the problem but also offer suggestions of what policies, programs, and changes in practices could begin to reverse the trends we are seeing. Written in an engaging style, this volume constitutes an essential foundation for informed discussion and strategic analysis.

Subject: Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Public Policy, Economic Policy, Knowledge - Discourse, Labor Economics, Intergenerational mobility, The American dream, Equality of opportunity, Economic opportunity, Educational opportunity, Human capital, Educational reform, Educational equity, Education policy, Standards-based reform, School funding, Achievement gap, Racial segregation, Socioeconomic status, Social indicators